From Prototype to Production

Precision machining has been both a trade and a passion in the Sorenson family for over three decades. Today, Sorenson Precision is proud to be among the innovative leaders in the machined components industry.

Using state-of-the-art CNC Swiss technology with eight-axis capability, Sorenson can meet today’s most complex design and production requirements in the most demanding industries.

However, what really separates Sorenson from the rest of the field is the speed and flexibility of our production process. Whether at the prototype or production stage, Sorenson customers are continually impressed at the drastically reduced turn-around times they receive. Design, quality and delivery requirements are met in weeks, rather than months! And that translates into cost containment and peace of mind.

To find out how Sorenson Precision can bring efficiency and reliability to your next machining project, contact your Sorenson representative or call us directly. Good companies have trusted the Sorenson name for decades. You can too.

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